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The Rules and Principles of the RCM

The Civic Network of Milan (RCM) was born in 1994 as a nonprofit initiative of the Department of Information Science at the University of the Studies of Milan. Since it's conception, the RCM has provided the citizens of Milan free access to an virtual environment with effective and easy to use features, favoring the communication between members of the community including citizens, associations, public agencies, and companies. In order to emphasize this collective involvement, the RCM has adopted since its start the slogan:

The Civic Network of Milan is and will be built upon its supporters and its associates of the Foundation, individuals, associations, institutions and companies. In the RCM, you will find information, appraisals and experiences that members desire to share with others, in order to exchange ideas and to improve the quality of the life in Milan, and to consolidate a sense of collectivity.

The RCM aims to create a true community via data transmission and facilitate the development and progression of that community. In order to facilitate such progress, the RCM has adopted a certain norms of behavior that regulate the activity of the network and a procedure of registration that guarantees the non-anonymity of the users.

In RCM it's impossibile to exchange software, excepting that necessary to use the network itself. It is not a commercial network and it is necessary, therefore, to preserve the right of everyone to freely select what he's interedsted in, and to guarantee users that unrequested advertising and mailings will not be allowed. Anyone who wants to offer other services or products, free or for payment, is invited to use the conference Cerco-Offro and eventually, in agreement with the moderator, some other conferences, but they're allowed to send to informations/advertisements only in the mailbox of RCM users who have explicitely requested that.

The RCM's conferences are different from public newsgroups and many other online services, because they are moderated. This guarantees a better use of the conference and prevents infractions against the RCM and its users.
These measures are necessary to prevent:

  • infractions against the netiquette and rules of the RCM;
  • messages unrelated to the topic of the conference;
  • messages with no subject and/or messages that do not respect the topic of the conference;
  • private messages accidently reaching public view;
  • dispersion of one message across many conferences without the purpose of continuing the discussion contained in those conferences.

Moderators of the RCM voluntarily agree to stimulate and to promote their conference. Once a moderator is found, the success of the conference depends on the support of members using the conference. Moderating is not to censure the use of the RCM's features, rather it is provides a guarantee of dynamic use of the conferences within the RCM.

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