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RCM registration form

RCM Netiquette (Galateo) and informations about Privacy Law

According to the n. 675-31 December 1996 Italian law (also known as "Privacy law") to register you're asked to accept several condition about your personal data treatement. Read carefully the following text:


Instructions for completing the registration process

All fields in plain font are required, fields in italics are optional. In addition, it is necessary to provide a short personal description (résumé), including items such as age, profession, interests, hobby, etc. For security reasons, characters in the password field will be replaced with asterisks. In order to avoid any errors, the password must be inserted twice for verification.

Do not forget your User ID and Password; they are required to log into the RCM.

After sending the form, wait for the auto-registration confirmation. You'll be enabled to use all the RCM services in 24 hours (week-end not included) from this confirmation.

UserID: Password: Confirm
  ATTENTION: you have to fill in the appropriate field with your whole name (name + middle) if your middle/s name/s do appears in your Italian Tax Registration Number. The Middle initial name is optional (it's required only to avoid homonymous users).  
First Name: Middle initial: Last Name:
Street Address: ZIP or postal code: City:
Telephone: Fax: E-mail:
Province/State Country: Gender:
Province of birth:
(born in Italy only)

I do not have an Italian Tax Reg. No.:
Italian Tax Registration

Date of Birth
City of birth:
I do have an Italian Tax Reg. Number:
Country of Birth:
Other profession:
Brief personal description

To whom not having an Italian Tax Registration Number: to complete the registration procedure you have to send a copy of a mean of identification (by fax - num. +39 02 5410 1599 - or by mail - to RCM, c/o DSI, via Comelico 39/41, 20135 Milano, Italy -). You'll be registered in 24 hours (week-end not included) from the fax arrival.

After a careful reading of the principles and privacy understanding within the RCM, I agree:
To share the principles of the RCM
To respect RCM netiquette
I consent to the dissemination of personal data within the RCM that I have indicated in my personal description, Moreover, I consent to the dissemination of the data created by me during usage of the conference features within the RCM.
I accept these conditions. (click on the checkbox)


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