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Help on the RCM

dallo Staff

Conference "dallo Staff"

It contains useful information about the Civic Network functionalities and services, and all the urgent messages from the Staff.

Conference "help!"

The "raft" that you have put in water is ready to sail; in this conference you will find all the infomation necessary to successfully complete the travel that you have begin in RCM.

Navigation in RCM

Navigation in RCM

Problems of navigation (excluding RCM technical problems)

You have put your raft in the water and it seems that it holds; there are no falls, you have your food, the supply of empty bottles in order to send messages, and the oar to row. But you do not know how to use it, this blessed oar; you do not know where to go, nor how you're expected to put your messages in the bottles... This is the right conference for you, where some sea-dog can take you by the hand and teach you how to row and use the stars to see your way clear.
Technical Aspects

Technical Aspects

Technical problems (e.g. modem configuration)

You have a raft that works so and so; maybe you're rowing to turn right but instead you move left, from time to time you'd like to lower the vest you're using as sail, but it stucks on the mast, other times you launch your bottles in sea, but they sadly dives before your eyes. In " Technical Aspects " some skin-divers will check your boat and advice you about its best use.
Technical Web-Aspects

Technical Web-Aspects

Problems using functions available via Web

Your boat is unfit to stand the strong currents of the open sea. Here you'll find informations about improvements that you can apply.
HELP E-mail Internet

Help E-Mail Internet

Problems related to the use of the Internet-email from inside RCM

Hey Friend! Don't you really think to use those small bottles to send messages, ... not in the open se with all the strong currents! Come on, here you'll find some beautiful big bottl, strong enough to resists to the largest fishes teeth.
Help Newsgroup (Internet)

Help Newsgroup (Internet)

Problems related to the use of theInternet Newsgroups mirrored in RCM

Sailing in the open sea, you've discovered some inns in exotic and far away islands, where people gather in the evening to chat, in front of a good bottle of rum and near a warm fireplace. But you do not know how to get there, nor where to park your raft?


It contains all the messages of the auto-registered users during the registration procedure, and also the messages about services offered by RCM

The auto-registered users have, like all the others, their raft, but they can sail only in well defined sea areas. They can receive bottles from other users, but they can't send their own; they can visit some areas and some not. It's like not being enrolled in the registry of the Harbor Master's Office: you cannot use all the services of the port. If you have questions this is the right area to ask for informations.
HELP AltroSoftware xRCM

HELP AltroSoftware xRCM

Problems related to the use of the software downloaded from RCM and/or signalling of other useful software (freeware or shareware)

Your raft already has several accessories, but you could add it many more,... also sophisticated ones: additional sails, tools, objects to make your journey more comfortable and sure. Here you'll find islands where you can take all you need.
Personal: Work OffLine

Personal Work OffLine

How, when and why to use the Personal OffLine Reader

There are moments in which you do not have time to sail, but you'd like to to collect the others' bottles. You can do it:! The most modern raft model is equipped with an automatic function that allows you to ask it to download for you all the informations you've asked for. If you want to know more and/or you have problems to use this function, this is the right conference.
Remember: read the messages published in the various areas, and particularly: "presentazione" (contained in every conference) and "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions); the questions you have may already have been made by someone else, so the solutions are still visible to all (VERY USEFUL the SEARCH function you find in the upper menu bar->Cerca). If you post messages not related to the conference topic, they won't be approved, and they'll be deleted (in this case you'll be informed in your mailbox or directly in the conference).

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